Ready to be on the front page of Google Search?



Here at 1240 Marketing, we are excited to work with our clients to optimize their search results and maximize their presence by bringing them to the number one page of Google Search. Using keywords, organic traffic, and costume ads, we can create a brand/image that will get everyone talking. We will use our knowledge and software techniques to help increase your ROI on the PPC. All while enticing the new lead to follow though in becoming a client.



Using social media is must these days in the ever-changing world of marketing strategies. Just having the knowledge that it was a possibility for social media to have an influence over a U.S. election; think of using and harnessing that undeniable power to increase specific lead generation right to the front door of your office. 1240 Marketing will work with you to create an alluring social media presence that will tap into this undeniable power of marketing.



1240 Marketing understands that businesses are ever changing in their needs/desires for growth and production. Keeping a steady flow of new leads is just one of them. Many business owners/entrepreneurs passions change throughout their careers and therefor their desires and needs for specific leads will change as well. Looking to attract more leads. Let us design a marketing strategy that targets these specific needs and continue to grow and change these strategies while growing and changing your business.



Lead nurturing is essential in digital marketing strategies. Here at 1240 Marketing, we understand that potential leads want instant connection and instant results. We provide our business owners/entrepreneurs with online automated platforms that will generate immediate responses to keep new leads enticed and engaged to keep following through. This is how we keep new potential leads hooked and committed to following through all the steps and scheduling to become a new client/customer.

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